Monday, February 26, 2007

World Oil Consumption Per Capita

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World Oil Consumption Per Capita by Country according to CIA Factbook.

I had to mess with this data a little bit to get it to show up on google earth. At first I just divided each countries consumption by its population to get per capita but the numbers were so low that they would not show up at all here. Even multiplying per capita use by 365 to get a years worth of data only had the USA using 24 barrels a year per capita. So after I got a figure for a year I also multiplied them all by a factor of 100,000 and so what you are seeing is the data from the CIA factbook in consumption of barrels per day per country divided by the countries current population for per capita and multiplied 36,500,000 times to get its representation in meters of height. I was surprised to see Singapore take the lead in per capita use! The USA comes in only 9th place right ahead of Canada. Interesting.

The CIA file was last updated on 8 February, 2007

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