Wednesday, November 19, 2008

UK Postcode Sectors

I took all the postcode sectors for the UK and created this KMZ file.

The accuracy at the street level leaves something to be desired.

If I could find any interesting post code sector data, I would be interested in creating a thematic map. Anything with counts and/or dates.

Here is a real estate example. Use your imagination to estimate what the count represents.

I tried adding the file here but it won't take it. So here it is with the google earth API with a link to download the KMZ on it:

UK Postcode Sectors in Google Earth API with link to download the KMZ file

Google Earth forum thread

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rbrundritt said...

Where did the original data come from. I'm wondering if the street level accuracy issue is due to the data being in a different projection system. If this is the case then it would be easy to fix this. You can email me at ricky_brundritt at

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Anonymous said...

I think the data is just digitized to a lower degree of accuracy.

Kirkers said...


How can I contact you??

Anonymous said...

Hi I saw your map I have been working on the number of households in a postcode sector, only England and at the moment. Anyone interested let me know.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is working on this/can work on this, then I'd be interested in talking to you in developing the idea for property purposes, predominantly to allow for mapping of house price averages with postcodes as a reference.